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Financing rural properties has a unique set of complexities. Although you may think you can go to your bank to get a mortgage or operational loan many times that is not the case because rural properties don’t always fit the mold for some banks and lenders. Many banks just don’t have the correct loan product for the property size or what the property is being used for.

If you are looking at larger farms or ranches or recreational ranches, other aspects also come into the loan process such as production on the property or equipment needs and the difficulties can become even more complex. Perhaps it is a loan modification that is needed or, a refinance on your existing property.

Having a knowledgeable real estate broker that is familiar with rural properties can assist you with finding the correct bank or mortgage broker.

Since Leadbetter Webster Land Company’s primary work is in rural real estate, we are familiar with banks and lenders that provide these loans and can assist in helping you make the correct contacts. We would be happy to visit with you about the possibilities.