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For Buyers

Finding the right rural real estate can sometimes be a difficult and complicated process. It is not the same as finding your home in the suburbs and there are many more issues that need to be explored in more detail to make sure you are getting what you are looking for. Is the title commitment the way you need it to be? What about the minerals? What type of water will I be getting? What are the uses for the property that I am interested in and are there different interests that I presently haven’t considered? Will a conservation easement on the property be a significant concern or is it an acceptable burden on the property? What about floodplain? Is the property I’m interested in have good fishing or hunting? How about farm leases?

These and many more questions can be answered and additional questions can be brought to your attention if you are working with an experienced rural real estate broker as a buyer’s agent.

Leadbetter Webster Land Company brokers can assist you with finding the answers to those and many more questions. We don’t operate as a “Buyer’s Mill”, trying to sign up as many Buyer’s as we can. Our approach is to work with a select number of buyer’s and specifically look for properties that fit the needs of the clients.

We keep your information close to the chest in order to protect your interests when working with you as a buyer’s agent.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding your buying interest and would be happy to visit with no obligation to you. Your information is confidential and used for internal purposes only and we will not share provided information to any third party.