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For Sellers

Selling rural real estate can be extremely involved and can present a number of challenges. An experienced rural real estate broker can many times help by giving some outside perspective to the process. Many times owners are so close to the property that it is difficult to see other options.

An experienced broker can help provide some input about your property for items such as the various tax consequences or 1031 exchanges. Does it make sense to consider parceling the property to get the most dollars out of your property and how would you go about it? Have you considered mineral interests? Does the broker know people or places to your property? What are the advantages of looking at a conservation easement? What kind of title issues if any do you have regarding the property? Are there estate issues that need addressed?

We look forward to hearing from you regarding your property and would be happy to visit about your property with no obligation to you. Your information is confidential and used for internal purposes only and we will not share provided information to any third party.