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Mineral Leasing - Oil and Gas

Many of you may know that Oil and Gas production in Colorado has been on the increase. With a number of wells in the Weld County area being successful, there has been a significant increase in Oil and Gas Leases, some of those leases being rather lucrative for the land owner both in lease rates and royalty payments if production takes place.

While the majority of activity has been in the Weld County area, there has also been a rise in activity in other counties such as Douglas, Elbert and even El Paso Counties. The western slope has also seen an increase in activity.

Details on oil and gas leasing can vary and it would always be advisable to consult with someone when considering a lease on your property.

Additional information can be found the through the Oil and Gas Commission site at cogcc.state.co.us

Water in Colorado

Always a point of concern in a semi-arid climate, especially when it comes to rural property. There are many type of wells from household wells to irrigation wells to ditch rights and each type has its own complexity. For those wanting a rural residential property the type of well is critical to your new property and you need to know what you are bargaining for. Having a person helping you with this information is always helpful and Leadbetter Webster Land Company can help steer you in the right direction. Contact us for more assistance with water information.