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Protected Section of combination dry farmland and native pasture. Total size 632 Acres.

  632 Acres

Located 3-½ miles west of Deer Trail in Arapahoe County on East Woodis Road

Deer Trail, Colorado
Price $505,600 SOLD


Located 3-½ miles west of Deer Trail in Arapahoe County on East Woodis Road


Parcel consists of 312 Acres of dry farmland and 320 acres of native grass. Farmland located on rolling benchland with pasture located on both sides of tree lined tributary of Middle Bijou Creek. Farmland in 3 fields with sizes of 177.5, 82.6 and 52 Acres. Entire parcel under Conservation Easement with one reserved homesite.

Farmland Soils

Major soil type is Weld Silt Loam, 0-3% slope with smaller areas of Weld-Deertrail silt barns, 0-3% slope, Adena-Colby silt loams 1-5% slope and Buick loam 3-5% slope. Soil Classifications are mostly Class III and Class IV on steeper soils

Farm Program

This farm is presently included with other crop acres and will need to be reconstituted. The base acres of the entire tract show 50% base acres (suggests 156 acres of base). PLC yield is 30 bu.

Water and water rights

There is a stock water Well ( Permit # 126268) located in the Northeast of the Southwest Quarter along the creek bottom. Well was developed in 1982, 300 ft. depth and test pumped at 15 GPM. There are also several developed ponds.


There are no significant improvements.


Real estate tax to be paid in 2016 is $975.57.

Legal Description

All of Section 17, Township 5 South Range 60 West of the 6th PM, Arapahoe County, Colorado.

Growing Crop

Sale subject to planted and growing crop and completed summer fallow work