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Three Parcels of combination dry farmland with Native Pasture

Parcel A SOLD

3 Parcels Elbert

Parcel B SOLD

parcel B

Parcel C SOLD

parcel C parcel C parcel C parcel C

1,023.7 Acres

Elbert County Road 129 at 178
Deer Trail, Colorado
All sold. Priced at $800 per acre, for either Parcels A, B, C


Located approximately 8 miles south of DeerTrail in Elbert County. Elbert County Road 129 at 178.


Parcel A - SOLD: North parcel; consists of 224.7 Acres of dry farmland and 254 Acres of pasture (Total 478.7 Acres). Has windmill with pipeline that provides stock water to tank in corner of Parcel B. Older shelter shed. Rough legal: East ½, East ½ of West ½ Section 24, Township 6 South, Range 60 West.

Parcel B - SOLD: Fronts County Rd 129. Consists of 201.18 Acres dry farmland and 80 Acres pasture (Total 281.2 Acres). Stock water from windmill and pipeline in Parcel A. Small piece of farmland inside Section 25. Approximate legal (Subject to Survey) SouthWest ¼, West ½ of Northwest ¼ Section 30 Township 6 South, Range 59 West with approximately 50 acres dry farmland in northeast corner of southeast quarter Section 25 Township 6 South, Range 60 West.

Parcel C: Joins Parcel B on east side. 132.72 Acres dry farmland and 131.8 Acres pasture (Total 264.5 Acres). Has windmill and intermittent live water in Wilson Creek. Crossed by Elbert Co Rd 129. Approximate Legal: South ½ of Section 25, Township 6 South, Range 59 West, less approximately 50 acres that goes with Parcel B.

Farmland Soils

Parcel A - SOLD soils roughly half Baca-Wiley Loam 0-4% slope and Weld Loam 0-4% slope, Capability Class III

Parcel B mostly Weld Loam 1-3% slope with some Bresser-Tructon-Blackland; Capability Class III and IV

Parcel C mostly Ascalon Sandy Loam 0-4% slope (a strip is steeper) and Weld Loam 0-4% slope. Capability Class III.

Farm Program

Parcel A: 138.3 acres wheat base, PLC yield 30 bushels

Parcels B & C Combined: Total wheat base of 185 acres with PLC yield 30 bushels


Have not been prorated between parcels. Estimated 2016 tax is $1,327.12 which is for 1,023.7 acres of both farmland and pasture.

Water Rights

Parcel A and Parcel C both have windmills in the pasture which are older and not registered with the State Engineer.

Growing Crop

Sale Subject to planted and growing crop and completed summer fallow work.